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Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a common reaction to uncertain situation.
To help you relax before and during your dental treatment

• Tell us about your fear. Bringing your worries out into the open will help us design the best treatment and pace it to suit your needs.

• Schedule your visits when you are not rushed or tired - consider early morning or Saturday when you are less stressed out.


• Get a good night's sleep the night before and eat light meals the day before your appointment.

• Wear loose, comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing tight collars or clothes that will restrict your movement.

• Use a signal - such as raising your hand - to indicate you are feeling discomfort or need a break from a procedure.

• Bring your favorite CD and listen to music you enjoy. Try visualization - focusing on a relaxing scene from a favorite vacation spot and holding it before your "mind's eye" during treatment.

• Talk to Dr. Kiurtsidis about medications that are available to create more relaxed, comfortable dental visits.

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Copyright © 2003 MyPerio - All rights reserved.