Crown Lengthening 1 - 2 hrs

This treatment involves recontouring the gum tissue, and in some cases, the underlying bone that surrounds one or more teeth. It may be performed for functional or esthetic reasons.

Crown lengthening procedure may be used to improve the appearance of a "gummy" smile where teeth may be proper length, but too much gum tissue covers them. In some cases, the gumline is uneven, which can make teeth appear irregular.

Crown lengthening may also be a part of a treatment that uses crowns (also called a caps) to optimize your appearance and comfort and function of the teeth, or to make a restoration possible.

If the tooth is decayed, or has fractured below the gum line, or if there is not enough tooth structure present to support the crown, we can increase the amount of the available tooth structure so it can support a crown, and save the tooth.


First, we thoroughly numb the entire area. Then we make small incisions and gently pull back the gum tissue to expose the surface of the bone. We reshape and sculpt some of the bone that surrounds the tooth, then carefully replace the gum tissue and suture it in place.

After a few weeks of healing, a crown -if indicated - is placed to cover and protect the damaged tooth. The crown restores your damaged tooth to normal health, appearance and chewing function.

Crown lengthening is a minor procedure that is predictable and effective way to save the tooth that might otherwise be lost.

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