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Dental Insurance

Some employers offer dental insurance. Dental insurance is designed to pay for a portion of basic dental services, such as routine exams and cleanings.

Dental insurance policy is a contract between you and an insurance company, negotiated by your employer or union (the plan's sponsor). We have no control over this contract.

Your dental insurance has an annual maximum benefit amount; your coverage will end each year once this maximum has been paid. Many plans describe their coverage up to 80% or 100%, but do not specify plan’s pre-established maximum fee allowance, or limitations.

The maximum benefit amounts paid by most insurance companies have not changed in 40 years, despite the fact that dental fees have quadrupled during this time!

Your dental insurance entitles you to only about 25 percent of the coverage you would have gotten 40 years ago. Rarely do dental plans cover 100 percent of any dental fee. The less your employer paid for the insurance, the less you will receive in benefits. An insurance company may state that dental fees are higher than "usual and customary", rather than “our outdated dental benefits are low.”

Usually, only the least expensive treatments and materials are covered in part, and you are expected to pay the remaining portion of the fee. The least expensive treatment may not be the most beneficial treatment choice.


Many newer dental treatments labeled "discretionary" are typically not covered, dental implants including.

Therefore, it's common for our patients to choose the best treatment that's not covered by their insurance, and pay the difference themselves. This usually saves money in the long run, as newer procedures or materials offer better results, appearance, and last longer.

How to make the most of your dental insurance coverage?

We will help you plan your treatment so you can maximize your benefits. We will bill your dental insurance and submit all required paperwork on your behalf to your dental insurance. We will do all we can do to assure you of maximum benefits. If you wish, we ask for pre-authorization of the needed services.

However, no dental insurance guarantees a payment for any service. Therefore, your *fee for the treatment is payable in full at the time of the service.

*Delta Dental clients with verified benefits pay their co-pay, if any.
Dr. Kiurtsidis is a Delta Dental Premier periodontist and therefore Delta Dental DPO patients are also covered at the superior Delta Premier level.

If your treatment is a benefit covered by your dental insurance, your dental insurance will send you a reimbursement check within couple of weeks.

Should your dental insurance not cover your treatment for any reason, you will receive a written explanation of limitations of your dental coverage.

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